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Our Connections

We understand mums and we understand parent bloggers – what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like about brands, how best to define your marketing approach.

Our Experience

Our collective of 8 bloggers combines 16+ years blogging and social media expertise, along with decades of professional experience gained in complementary fields including advertising and design, PR and marketing, journalism and creative writing and filmmaking.


Our Reach

23,000 Twitter followers, mostly parenting community

40,000 unique monthly visitors – more than the monthly circulation of leading national parenting magazines (Press Gazette study, Feb 2012) including:

  • Practical Parenting – 16,301
  • Pregnancy & Birth – 22,334
  • Prima Baby – 26,316
  • Gurgle Magazine – 31,462
  • Average Klout score 55, collectively influencing 14,000+

Our Diversity

Our collective is based all around the UK, from central London to Leeds, with one member now in the US (Virginia) and our backgrounds span UK, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, New Zealand and Eastern Europe. We reflect the true diversity of the modern, cosmopolitan, tech-savvy UK woman.





I have noticed that the traffic to both Facebook and the website has increased a great deal, the bookings are staying nice and high… it is all going well with the campaign, I am really pleased.

— Morag Cleland, owner at Villa Pia

Uju, thanks so much for another great promotion on Babes about Town! We had lots of traffic and new subscribers to our Facebook and Twitter pages!

— Eva Sonaike, designer at Eva Sonaike luxury interiors

Mirka is one of the regular and established bloggers on Mums Like You. We’ve collaborated on a number of social media projects and she’s always impressed me with her professionalism, creativity and drive.

— Iveta Tancheva , owner of Mums Like You

I initially met Mirka through her blog, as my company creates innovative baby products, and Mirka reviewed Mamascarf. We have since worked together on several occasions. Not only is All Baby Advice a great blog for parents and parents-to-be, but Mirka is lovely, professional and a pleasure to deal with. I have found her blog to be great for accessing my target audience. I would highly recommend her services.

— Keira O Mara, Mamascarf

Jacqui has a uniquely vibrant voice in the blogging and tweeting world. We love her sparky sense of humour, easy-going attitude, energy, and willingness to try new things, as we find our way with social media.

We also greatly appreciate her opinions, honesty and experience, which have helped steer us in the right direction. Jacqui’s involvement in the Magic Belles has been a real boon, and we look forward to working with her more as the brand develops.

— Maxine Stinton, co-creator of Magic Belles


Mash My Blog Critiques


Thank you so much for the blog critique. I had no idea about blogging when I started but I’m ready to implement some changes. The author/illustrator suggestions are also good (I’ve already changed the page name, thank you!). I hadn’t thought about photos of the authors but I like that idea too.

— Catherine F. at Story Snug

I absolutely LOVE that you have done this – and think you have made some really great points about changes that need to be made, I am going to implement them all I think! It’s very hard to be objective/critical about your own blog…you get so used to seeing it everyday that you can’t quite see what it needs at times. Thank you SO much!

–Simone A. at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket blog

Thanks ever so much! Some great advice and lots of things I’d never thought about. Off to make some changes right now!

— Suzanne L-McK at Egg Dip Dip blog

Thank you so much for this, it was really exciting to find out what someone else thinks of my blog. I agree with you on everything and will enjoy having a play around with it when I have time.

–Kelly-Marie C. at A Place of my Own blog

Thank you so much for this critique, and your kind words. All points duly noted and I’ll definitely be making all the changes you’ve suggested. Thanks again, really appreciated. Off to tell Twitter 😉

–Mark at Sonny and Luca blog

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