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Our Connections

We understand mums and we understand parent bloggers – what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like about brands, how best to define your marketing approach.

Our Experience

Our collective of 8 bloggers combines 16+ years blogging and social media expertise, along with decades of professional experience gained in complementary fields including advertising and design, PR and marketing, journalism and creative writing and filmmaking.


Our Reach

23,000 Twitter followers, mostly parenting community

40,000 unique monthly visitors – more than the monthly circulation of leading national parenting magazines (Press Gazette study, Feb 2012) including:

  • Practical Parenting – 16,301
  • Pregnancy & Birth – 22,334
  • Prima Baby – 26,316
  • Gurgle Magazine – 31,462
  • Average Klout score 55, collectively influencing 14,000+

Our Diversity

Our collective is based all around the UK, from central London to Leeds, with one member now in the US (Virginia) and our backgrounds span UK, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, New Zealand and Eastern Europe. We reflect the true diversity of the modern, cosmopolitan, tech-savvy UK woman.





 I contacted Penny and Uju approximately 12 months ago, to ask with their help in injecting some vigour into the new blogging area of our web site.  Whilst we have lots to say about what we do, we don’t always have the time to say it, and I was really conscious that I wanted the area to be ‘news worthy’ for readers and not just a ‘Lazy Daisy fest’.

Both Penny and Uju worked hard to quickly understand our brand and contributed a number of really thought-provoking, amusing and relevant articles. The girls were working blind in a sense, in that we didn’t really have a set agenda of topics, and I was so impressed by the way they bounced off each other’s articles to keep consistent, and avoid duplication. I found their contributions invaluable to our web site, and hope to use them on a week-long project very shortly.

Both are professional, respectful, attentive to deadline and details, and I am delighted to have been able to work alongside them.

— Julie Long, Lazy Daisy, the antenatal and baby class provider

Penny’s review was witty, charming & enthusiastic. The review of our stamp sets from @Aresidence has been brilliant for us. We have been able to put the link on our Facebook page and website, and tweet about it too. Testimonials and reviews from mums are very powerful in showing other mums how great our product is.

— Francesca, Stamptastic

Mirka is one of the regular and established bloggers on Mums Like You. We’ve collaborated on a number of social media projects and she’s always impressed me with her professionalism, creativity and drive.

— Iveta Tancheva , owner of Mums Like You

I initially met Mirka through her blog, as my company creates innovative baby products, and Mirka reviewed Mamascarf. We have since worked together on several occasions. Not only is All Baby Advice a great blog for parents and parents-to-be, but Mirka is lovely, professional and a pleasure to deal with. I have found her blog to be great for accessing my target audience. I would highly recommend her services.

— Keira O Mara, Mamascarf

Jacqui has a uniquely vibrant voice in the blogging and tweeting world. We love her sparky sense of humour, easy-going attitude, energy, and willingness to try new things, as we find our way with social media.

We also greatly appreciate her opinions, honesty and experience, which have helped steer us in the right direction. Jacqui’s involvement in the Magic Belles has been a real boon, and we look forward to working with her more as the brand develops.

— Maxine Stinton, co-creator of Magic Belles

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