Our Services

Our Services

We provide a uniquely personalised service that can be custom fit to suit your needs. Our services include:

Social media solutions

We can hold your hand through the process of setting up your own social media strategy, or we can handle it for you. We create fun campaigns designed to get the right people talking about your product/service. Our goal is to help you establish a stronger presence across the major social networks, guiding you to the best platform to promote your brand.

Blogger outreach

We can connect you with influential bloggers who genuinely want to champion your brand. We don’t take a hit and miss approach, we’re bloggers ourselves so we know who to reach and most importantly, how to engage them. Our focus is on quality and authenticity, rather than blind stats.

Custom blog and video (vlog) content

We specialise in crafting compelling and dynamic content for blogs, including video blogging (vlogging), to attract hundreds more visitors to your site. We can help you create a vibrant content strategy, from brainstorming topics and mapping out an editorial calendar, to providing guest contributors and SEO solutions.

Twitter parties

The fastest way to gain new followers and get a large number of your target audience talking about and engaging with your brand is by throwing a Twitter party. We pick a time and date, invite your ideal guests, create a memorable hashtag and track the results.

Mum to mum marketing

Each of us has direct access to an active and engaged community of mums, including the bloggers in our circles as well as our growing readership. As a collective, we can help you market your product/service to mums (the most influential consumer force on the planet), in a way that is authentic and speaks to their genuine concerns and interests.

Copywriting and editing

Our team is made up of storytellers, writers, editors and educators. Words are our trade and we are experts at writing for web, print and screen. Whether you need to spice up your blog, create an enticing sales page, or you have a writing/editing project that needs an overhaul, we can whip your copy into shape.

Blogger mentoring

Blogging can be a lonely enterprise and sometimes you need a friendly face to help you over the bumps. Being part of a collective has done wonders for our know-how and we’d like to spread the love. If you’re a blogger looking to evolve your online brand, visit the Brands & Bloggers page to find out more about our services for Bloggers.

PR events

We can help you create an exciting offline event, finding the perfect venue and inviting top bloggers to come and experience your product/service up close, so they can share with their followers. If you have a venue that you would like to promote online, we can generate buzz via an integrated event hosting plus blogging and social media campaign.

Social media training

We want to help more people enjoy the benefits of social media, so we are available for speaking engagements and we can create custom fit training seminars to help your business or organisation learn the ins and outs of the major social platforms. We also offer mini tutorials on our blog and (coming soon) e-courses and webinars so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Creative consulting

We love working with fellow creatives across all fields and coming up with inventive ways to help you raise your game. If you’ve got a great idea but you’re lacking direction, or you’re stuck on a creative project, book a friendly chat with MaSh. We provide one-on-one coaching, team brainstorming and (coming soon) creative skills and swap sessions to help you get moving and shaking.

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