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There were 2.4 billion people using the Internet as of June 2012 (

That’s more than a third of the world population and more than 500% growth in 10 years.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a business or are thinking about launching one, you need an online presence. More than that, you need a compelling brand story — one that connects with your ideal customer and builds a loyal following for your product/service.

Mothers and Shakers can help you tell your unique brand story in a way that resonates with the people you are trying to reach.


1. Be Heard

We’re here to help you Grow a Following online, whether it’s attracting hundreds of visitors to your site via a custom blog packed with fabulous and diverse content from our team of top bloggers; or teaching you how best to engage with fans on Facebook through a vibrant and interactive fan page; or how to handle Twitter like a pro – learning the difference between just marketing your brand and becoming a true part of the Twitter community.


2. Be Seen

Our campaigns are designed to help you Get Noticed and get the right people talking about your product/service. We can help you establish a stronger presence on all the major social networks, guiding you to the best-suited platform to promote your brand. Through targeted blogger outreach (engaging with the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle blogs), we can tell your brand story effectively across multiple platforms.


3. Be Embraced

We only take on projects we believe in. Our passion for our clients coupled with our ability to quickly share your message, translates to increased credibility and affinity for your brand. Our blogging and social strategy generates more organic links for your brand via top quality blogs, higher search engine authority and direct exposure with your target audience.

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We’re all bloggers so we get your passion. We can offer our collective experience and insight into what works (and what doesn’t), our creative expertise and our enthusiasm for helping fellow bloggers grow.

Mothers & Shakers works directly with bloggers to help you enhance your skills, make the most of your platform and (if this is your goal) turn your hobby into a profitable sideline — or even a full-time gig.

If you’re ready to develop your blog as a creative business, we can provide a similar custom fit consulting service that we offer to small businesses, but at mates’ rates.

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Free & Affordable Services for Bloggers

Mothers & Shakers Reform Social Club – Join our new members club to be the first to hear about our blogging and social media workshops, and networking events

MaSh my Blog! – all our members are eligible for a gentle but constructive, top to toe 1 page critique and featured promotion on the MaSh blog

Premium Blogger worksheet – All our members get access to the Premium Blogger worksheet, designed to help you clarify your blogging goals in writing

Brand campaigns and projects – fun, innovative and tailored to your blog

Blogger matchmaking – we hook you up with like-minded bloggers to help you find your online ‘tribe’

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Premium Services for Bloggers

Premium Blogger MaSh-Up – get the benefit of 8 bloggers/creative specialists analysing your blog and your blogging goals and helping you create a road map for improvement

Social Media Boost – we use our social influence to give your blog or blogging project/campaign a big boost

Blogger Showcase – advertise your blogging (or other creative business) services or products on our web site and reach your ideal customers

Negotiating with sponsors – we help you evaluate your worth and get fair compensation for working with brands

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